Thursday, December 21, 2006

"Quick" Says Rankings Promote Dysfunction

Kevin Carey over at the Quick and the Ed takes a look at the Florida article I looked at yesterday from a slightly different yet probably no less bothered position. He takes the tact that schools should be ranked according to what they teach--more of a value-added approach. And while I agree with Carey that a system of college rankings based heavily on inputs rather than outputs is problematic and dysfunctional, it's an awful big task to usurp the venerable U.S. News rankings. I'm no higher education expert, but the handful of higher courses I've had suggested to me that rankings are here to stay. There is a lot of money and prestige in it for someone who comes up with a CNET style ranking system for higher education institutions and primary and secondary schools complete with video rankings, archives, and upgradable and editable user reviews. Anyone out there up for working on a project like that give me a holla'.

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