Friday, February 09, 2007

Harvard to get First Female Prez in 371 Long Years

NYT has coverage of the woman purported to assume the presidency at Harvard University. Drew Gilpin Faust would be Harvard's first woman president in its 371 year storied history. Dr. Faust has a positive reputation for helping to improve Harvard's image following some poorly chosen words delivered by former President Lawrence Summers concerning the innate abilities of the sexes.

The Times takes the tact that her administration experience at Harvard may not impress outright--Dr. Faust is dean of the Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study, by far the smallest of Harvard’s schools accounting for 0.5 percent of Harvard’s $3 billion annual budget--but her penchant for women's issues and former role in the wake of Summers' missteps make her an image godsend.

A few comments and quotes about "toughness" coupled with a rather blithe looking photograph do little to suggest anything but suspicion on the Times' part. Sounds like it's a pretty good balance to me: woman prez/masculine first name; friendly face/tough demeanor; head of an institute charged with emphasizing the study of women, gender and society/tough history loving Virginian.

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