Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bob Lutz Breathes and We All Suffer the Mindless Hyperbole

Under the banner of "Can you believe dat?!" General Motors' Vice Chairman Robert A. Lutz, product of American schools, U.C. Berkeley for Pete's sake (had to keep it relevant), had this to say about the recent Supreme Court Decision regarding greenhouse gases and EPA regulation thereof. Brilliant retort follows:

“All of us standing here right now — anybody who exhales is polluting like mad ... If we have CO2 limits, I think we should all contribute, and we’re all going to have to train ourselves to breathe fewer times per minute.”

UNBELIEVABLE. And sad on so many levels. One more cause for alarm to keep it relevant: Lutz serves as chairman of The New Common School Foundation whose mission as a "nonprofit corporation is to create sustainable, replicable models of excellence in urban education." One obnoxious turn deserves another Mr. Lutz.

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