Monday, May 21, 2007

Landrieu Intervenes. Bobb Doesn't Want to Upset the Apple Cart. Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch, Fenty Fumes.

The pot thickens in DC. Board of Education President Robert C. Bobb has gone behind Mayor Adrian Fenty's back and set events in motion with Sen. Mary Landrieu. According to the Washington Post, Landrieu, who anonymously put a hold on Fenty's DC Public Schools takeover bid last week, has identified herself as the person responsible for wanting more time to examine Fenty's all-but-sealed-deal bid.

In an interview with the Post Bobb remained cagey about any back door shenanigans, saying he was not about to upset "the apple cart in anyway."

This is classic local politics with a Senatorial Twist. Good stuff people.

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